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Posters : Poster - Mozarkite Missouri Flint

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Poster : Mozarkite Missouri Flint
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24" W  x  36" H
An artistic display of Central Missouri chipped stone artifacts manufactured from colorful lithic sources commonly known as Mozarkite. These beautiful prehistoric creations were knapped or chipped out of a material of stone classified as Chert. Chert is broken down into many type names. In central Missouri we have Burlington, Jeff City, Gasconade, Roubidoux, Chouteau, Warsaw, and others. Out of these types of Chert, we break them into varieties describing its attributes such as banded, mottled, conglomerate, oolitic , quartzitic, and Mozarkite. The name Mozarkite has kind of stuck in the artifact community and has been a used to describe the colorful points out of the Ozarks. Because the material generally flakes like a brick, large forms are almost nonexistent. When you find a quality piece from this material you have found a treasure.

  • Beautifully photographed
  • Printed on high quality 80 lb gloss cover stock
  • Suitable for framing
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