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About Us is a family business located in Lake Ozark, Missouri, owned by my brother Kevin and I. Both of us have spent much of our lives learning and honoring our Native American Indian heritage. About 40 years ago, I found my first arrowhead. I was so fascinated by that rock, I carried it in my pocket for months. From that day on, my eyes were always aimed at the ground every time I walked through the fields or creeks.

As my collection grew larger, I noticed that many of the arrowheads looked similar. After getting an arrowhead book for my birthday, I realized there were many other types of points that I didn't have. At the age of 18, I had saved my money and was ready to started buying arrowheads to build my collection with better specimens and all the other types I couldn't find (or haven't found yet). I went to my first artifacts show and bought what I thought was the best pieces of history in the world. Until a month later, when I found out I had spent my hard earned money on a bunch of fakes, what a let down.

We believe we need good informative Archaeological Societies to help guide the collectors so they do not have to suffer like myself and many other friends. These organizations also allow people from outside the artifact community know who the good guys really are. That is why we are members with many and support these groups.

We have done our best not to allow any questionable relics on our site and promise to continue to do so in the future with the utmost scrutiny.

Steve Lee

Providing education, identification and authentic Native American Indian arrowheads for sale
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